Individual Therapy

Can be described as a one-on-one encounter with yourself and a trained mental health professional, where you have the opportunity to speak in an environment of freedom and confidentiality, about the thoughts, emotions or conducts that afflict you.

In REVERIE we have a multidisciplinary approach where the patient will be able to have the professional that best suits his/her demands.

The individual therapy its a therapeutic process which helps patients know and resolve their problems in various ways, but it always depends on the patient’s demands and what is best for him, its a mutual agreement that fits and adapts to any particular person.

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

This is an individual approach where the patient can address his symptoms throughout the analysis and understanding of its unconscious, those aspects of the mind that were repressed and have a significant influence over past and present relationships, this is an experience that guides the patient through his inner self to find the roots of their psychological or emotional conflicts.

This approach is not limited to emotional distress or psychological disorder. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy can also benefit people in search of the meaning of their life or self-fulfillment. It can also be a complement of other types of treatments.

With psychoanalytic psychotherapy people can address their troubles by finding out the emotional root of their distress and way of thinking, it is a way to uncover some of the truth that is hidden from themselves. These include a deepening awareness and appreciation of one’s unconscious mental life, motivations, fears, representations, identifications, conflicts, and ongoing power of the past in the present. The personal analysis develops greater capacities for self-reflection, empathy, and mature self-regulation of one’s emotional responses, all essential for an analyst’s role in creating an effective analytic process.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Is one model of individual therapy that helps in the management of your problems throughout the change of a distressful way of thinking and behaving to helpful and healthy thinking.

This individual therapy addresses the thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and behaviors that are negative for your life and through a process of confrontation and analysis provides the patient tools for change.

Sometimes negative thoughts about life can end up in a vicious cycle that distress the patient, CBT helps to break this cycle and prevent future inconvenience. You’re shown how to change these negative patterns to improve the way you feel.

Family & Couples Therapy

The place where you and your family can have a space to speak their mind and confront your disagreements in order to find a compromise that focuses on the health and union of the family as a whole.

Family therapy not only assess specific communication or behavioral aspects of the group, but it also works with the health and caring of family wounds. This model of therapy allows the family to rediscover their emotional relationships, clarify some truths and misunderstandings, but most importantly to retain or regain a sense of wholeness and happiness.

The troubles with your significant other can overwhelm the relationship and fall in a pitful cycle. Couples therapy engages the deep emotional difficulties of any relationship to help them cope with the problems on hand and the problems ahead allowing the couple enjoys a healthy relationship.

Virginia Satir: “Why family therapy? Because deals with family pain”.

Sex Therapy

We often may find ourselves with trouble in our sexual performance, pleasure or inconvenience in intimacy. Sex therapy focuses on said problems so you can get past those common stepping stones and have a healthy sexual relationship with your partner.

The treatment also involves proper education on the subjects the patients require assistance, information or counseling. This extends to couples and single patients.

“Lack of communication can drive a spike between two people wider than any physical distance”

Group Therapy

Engages the personal and interpersonal dilemmas in a group setting where people can share their beliefs, distress and their common affliction. It is helpful to share with others that have been through similar experiences in a safe environment free of prejudice and judgment.

In group therapy, five to ten people meet face-to-face with one or more trained group therapists and talk about what is troubling them. Members also have the opportunity to give feedback to each other by expressing their feelings and sharing their own experiences.

If you want to participate in a group therapy contact us to see if you fit the requirements and if not what is needed to start a group therapy.

Psychological Assessment

We provide a statistically proven approach for the assessment of any cognitive or psychological distress. This services can help you understand your vocation for choosing a career, determining significant personality traits, assess any psychological distress, provide companies certifications for their employees among other professionals uses.

  • Personality
  • Psychopathological symptoms
  • Intelligence
  • Vocation
  • Aptitudes
  • Employees health certificate

Business Services

Working with specialized professionals we assist in different fields that can help your business grow and keep your employees pleased and with a sense of belonging to the company. We provide a wide range of clinical and organizational services for business or entrepreneurs, so we can take part in the significant growth in productivity.

We offer services to help select the best candidates that are suited for any position in your business. Reverie does an extensive selection process including psychological assessments, aptitude test, and deep emotional analysis to help your company hired the best Human Resources.

The recruitment process is not only focused on new employees, but we also provide a psychological evaluation for candidates that apply to new positions and match it with their personality traits so the employees grow in the field that best suits their abilities.

Among other things we offer

  • Performance reviews
  • Recruitment
  • Professional Certification
  • Other business necessities

Crisis interventions 

  • Death of an employee
  • Accidents
  • Traumatic experiences 

Group therapy for employees 

Team building exercises

Intensive Care Treatments (ICT)

These intensive programs can benefit patients with a need for an urgent, diligent and objective-based result. Patients that are going through an emotional crisis, personality disorders, substance abuse or dependence or any patients with any other distressful situation will take advantage and step forward to recovery.

Family Support Treatment (FAST)

Reverie also has family programs for families of patients with mental health disorders. We provide support groups, talks, and counseling for the families that require guidance and support.

Intensive Care Service (ICS)

There are also programs aimed at people searching for a deeper meaning and are going through a journey of self-knowledge and experience. You can address some of the specialized programs that included relaxation therapy, meditation, group therapy, intensive individual psychoanalytic psychotherapy and more.