Business Services

Working with specialized professionals we assist in different fields that can help your business grow and keep your employees pleased and with a sense of belonging to the company. We provide a wide range of clinical and organizational services for business or entrepreneurs, so we can take part in the significant growth in productivity.

We offer services to help select the best candidates that are suited for any position in your business. Reverie does an extensive selection process including psychological assessments, aptitude test, and deep emotional analysis to help your company hired the best Human Resources.

The recruitment process is not only focused on new employees, but we also provide a psychological evaluation for candidates that apply to new positions and match it with their personality traits so the employees grow in the field that best suits their abilities.

Among other things we offer

  • Performance reviews
  • Recruitment
  • Professional Certification
  • Other business necessities

Crisis interventions 

  • Death of an employee
  • Accidents
  • Traumatic experiences 

Group therapy for employees 

Team building exercises

We are here

to help

If you are wondering which treatment best suits you, we have a team of certified professionals that can asses and guide you to the therapy that can help you the most.

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