Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

This is an individual approach where the patient can address his symptoms throughout the analysis and understanding of its unconscious, those aspects of the mind that were repressed and have a significant influence over past and present relationships, this is an experience that guides the patient through his inner self to find the roots of their psychological or emotional conflicts.

This approach is not limited to emotional distress or psychological disorder. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy can also benefit people in search of the meaning of their life or self-fulfillment. It can also be a complement of other types of treatments.

With psychoanalytic psychotherapy people can address their troubles by finding out the emotional root of their distress and way of thinking, it is a way to uncover some of the truth that is hidden from themselves. These include a deepening awareness and appreciation of one’s unconscious mental life, motivations, fears, representations, identifications, conflicts, and ongoing power of the past in the present. The personal analysis develops greater capacities for self-reflection, empathy, and mature self-regulation of one’s emotional responses, all essential for an analyst’s role in creating an effective analytic process.

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