Fear and uncertainty

It is one of the most common symptoms worldwide and it is normal to feel it throughout your life, however, in many cases anxiety becomes a constant conflict that prevents or limits the functioning of our potential. In some cases, anxiety is experienced as extreme fear, excessive worry that is difficult to control, sensations of being trapped, ease of fatigue, difficulty concentrating, irritability, physical expressions or sleep problems. Anxiety is an anticipatory response to a future threat where there is a relationship between psychological uncertainty and physical response.

Similarly, excessive or constant anxiety is an emotional response whose basis brings an unconscious conflict, specific and unique to the individual suffering from it. It is a metaphorical transformation of an internal message of pain that has no name and lies on the surface like this regular psychological phenomenon. Therefore, we can identify two types of anxiety realistic anxiety caused by a specific event and subjective anxiety caused by an internal event, neither is less important and it is recommended to consult with a mental health professional.

 “Anxiety is the universal currency of affect, in the sense that every emotion can be converted into it”

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