Couples Conflicts

The play of desire through uncertainty.

Maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner is not an easy task, however, learning to deal with the difficulties and adverse situations you face, allows you to create a coherent and concise relational dynamic.

Sometimes problems can overwhelm the relationship, fall into a pitiful cycle and conflicts create an environment of tension, offenses and abuse, respect among the members is lost and an aggressive reaction is created instead of a comprehensive response. The loss of the love system is declining if the same patterns continue to be repeated, therefore it is essential to go to a professional who addresses the difficulties of any relationship to help them face the problems and enjoy a healthy relationship.

To be able to maintain a healthy relationship, the rupture of idealized schemes that build a fictitious vision of what is to love and be loved must be considered, rebuilding the foundations of a relationship with aspects of reality allows for a strong and constant bond.

It should be noted that in the face of all couples therapy, there is the possibility of having to work in parallel individually, because, in order of being able to be with someone we must learn to live with ourselves, in order to be able to love someone in a healthy manner, we first have to learn how to love ourselves.

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