Eating Disorder

Our relationship with food.

They are characterized by a persistent alteration in food or behavior related to it. It is a variation in the consumption or absorption of food that causes a significant deterioration of physical, psychological or psychosocial functioning (DSM-V).

It can be seen that there is significant anxiety associated with food intake. There is an inconsistency between the perception of one’s image and the real image or an inability to control impulses with food. The food becomes more than just food, it becomes a pathological relationship either by rejection or consumption, which leads to adverse effects on the personality with a set of external procedures.

Therefore, here is when we raise the question, what does food means to the individual. Therefore, the treatment involves a continuous multidisciplinary action since the eating disorder can lead to other related pathologies. There is a positive outcome while seeking treatment where it is possible to control and maintain a stable relationship with food. If you see yourself in need of a mental health care provider, do not hesitate, it can save your life or the life of the person you love.

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