Family Troubles

Family matters.

The family is an open system that faces constant situations of change (separations, divorces, accidents, illnesses, jobs, etc.) and remains in constant interaction with the individuals that comprise it. These changes affect all its members and produce internal conflicts that in many cases are not verbalized or communicated in a healthy environment.

The family structure is composed of a set of functions, demands and invisible positions that organize the mode of interaction of family members. There is a certain scheme of operation, but sometimes that scheme is deteriorated and needs a reformulation to create the desired stability of the system.

All families handle a different chain of problems, however, there are situations where support from a professional is needed, someone who can serve as a guide giving an objective view of the relational distortions produced in the face of conflicts. The Family must respond to internal and external changes and, therefore, must be able to transform itself in a way that allows it to face new circumstances without losing the continuity provided by a framework of references to its members.

Communication and expression of emotions have a primary component in families; however, it is not present in many families, which inhibits the positioning of healthy or strengthened interactions. For this reason, attending family therapy should not simply occur in situations of conflict, a family may also have the opportunity to experience an intense reconnection with the members of your system.

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