Grief / Bereavement

Am I alone?

Bereavement takes place after any loss. Usually, it is lived individually, expressing itself with different emotions and stages of different intensity. Grief is a natural response to a situation of loss or a difficult situation to face. Sometimes, there is a withdrawal of interest, emotional and motor inhibition, along with externalization of self-reproaches, denigrations, feelings of guilt, helplessness, emptiness or profound sadness.

Bereavement is also linked to reality, making the individual understand that the loved one no longer exists and postulates that the deposited love abandon all ties with the loved one that is no longer there. Following this demand, there is a conflict that leaves an opposition that can become very intense, while missing a loved one.

This situation puts your world upside down and is one of the most painful experiences we face, however, it is part of life that we all go through. It is important to give us time to grieve and understand the differences in the time it takes for a person to process their pain. Talking to a professional can ease the pain on a normal process, but If grief persists or affects important areas of our life such as work, school, family or interpersonal, it is important to seek help with specialized professionals who provide the services indicated for accompaniment and pain processing.

Loving is the extraordinary capacity of the human being to deposit one part of us over the other, therefore, losing a loved one leads to the loss of a part of us. The grieving process is what gradually leads us to recover that part that we deposited. However, overcoming a duel does not mean forgetting, it means remembering with less pain.

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